MH support groups provide a safe space for those experiencing mental illness to share their struggles and find support from others having similar experiences

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Community Outreach Partner

Vivian Cheng

Vivian is on a mission to raise awareness and reduce stigma in mental illness.  She shares her lived experience in a storytelling initiative on and leads Mental Health Support Groups in English and Cantonese


“I’m super grateful that you have organized this, it’s an amazing comfort just to know you’re not alone and other people are also struggling.”
“I found sharing of our stories to be incredibly powerful at building connection & emotional support.”
“It has been fantastic to get more insight into other mental health and the issues that we face and battle.”
“Talk about the emotion that we are experiencing and gained emotional support from the group.”
“An opportunity to talk to those who have been through and are willing to listen and share. I feel I am not alone.”