Surviving not Thriving?

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Strength in vulnerability

MoveMEN! is where men can slow down, relax, drop the tough guy, be kind and support each other

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Stuck in a rut?

MoveMEN! is a movement for men who are seeking deeper conections

  • Practicing being kind, present and mindful through movement, breath-work, meditation and mindful dialogue.
  • Our aim is to connect mind and body to bring awareness and clarity to our challenges.
  • Easy movement, mindfulness dialogue. Non-competitive, non-judgemental space
  • Generosity
  • Authenticity
  • Vulnerability

Meet your host

Brian Henderson

WBW Founder

Brian creates high performing teams by enabling leaders to build a culture where everyone can thrive. In addition to yoga, relational mindfulness and 30 years leadership experience. Brian is a social innovator who has created mental health support groups, male allies and MoveMEN!

Slow down to speed up!

We organise meet-ups using WhatsApp. Join the group and introduce yourself to find out when and where the next meet-up takes place.

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Next meet-up

12 October 2023
Pier 9, Central

You are not the only one

The more control you have over your attention, the more control you have over your future

James Clear

Do fewer things, do them better, know why you are doing them.

Call Newport

Sessions will be in english
MoveMEN! costs $160 per session, which is equivalent to one drink for you and one for the host. Tips are also welcome!
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