We build capability to transform the wellness and performance of people and organisations

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Our multi-disciplinary, AI powered, holistic wellness team partners with you to generate transformational insights and interventions.


Whole Business Wellness enables leaders to transform the wellness and performance of their people and organisation.

We believe that actively managing the wellbeing of a business and its people is critical to success. This requires enhanced wellness management capabilities.

Our practice integrates psychology, AI, design thinking, mindfulness, operational strategy and change management to build your organisation’s wellness management capabilities.

Our partners bring a wealth of diverse experience and a shared passion for corporate wellness.



Brian Henderson

Whole Business Wellness

Brian brings 30 years leadership experience and a passion for people to help organisations build their wellness capabilities.


Neelam Harjani

Inspire Yoga HK

Neelam advocates mind body science, integrating meditation, breathwork and posture to sustain energy levels and release occupational tension.

Director of Innovation

Kate Okrasinski

Make Studios

Kate sees innovation as an intrinsic way of being, thinking and engaging to deliver holistic value.


A systemic approach to target changes

We first build self-awareness and techniques to manage personal wellness using AI, yoga/mindfulness, individual or small group consultations and design thinking workshops to analyse systemic issues and interventions that will shift individual and organisational wellness trajectory.

01 — Deconstruct

Understand the current wellness and performance landscape as the cumulative result of systems, structures and behaviours in order to define an integrated outcome.

02 — Articulate

Explore a flourishing future for the business and employees alike and define the principles, needs and X factors to focus and inform possible interventions.

03 — Provoke & Negotiate

Interrogate the capability, capacity and agency of individuals to adopt new practices, targets and X factor changes to anticipate and activate the structure, change and support required.

04 — Intervene

Create tangible, supported interventions that reflect the human experience and business context to realise the desired vision for the future.

We partner with you to build capability

We create common experiences and language for teams to support each other, and a safe mechanism to feed back to management. Transparency up and down the organisation and commitment to address challenges is critical.

Use data to drive awareness & impact

We connect wellness and business metrics to identify, understand, escalate and iterate systemic issues using data. Design thinking workshops identify root causes and actions that will improve individual, team and organisational wellness.

Capabilities for sustainable wellness

We build your organisation’s wellness management capabilities to ensure a measurable and sustainable improvement in individual, team and organisational performance.

Wellness decision making
  • Understand how leadership decisions impact wellness.
  • Understand how wellness impacts Rol.
  • Ability to track wellness and related Rol.
  • Ability to apply a wellness lens to major decisions.
Line Managers
Addressing root causes
  • Ability to interpret and use wellness dashboards.
  • Ability to identify root causes and evaluate impact.
  • Ability to address root causes with leadership support.
  • Ability to manage team wellness day today.
  • Ability to sustain higher team performance.
Ownership of own and team wellness
  • Greater awareness of own & team wellness.
  • Perceive value of using wellness tools.
  • Confidence talking about wellness.
  • Managers understand & address wellness issues.
  • Leadership makes tough decisions to support us.

Problems to solve

Wellness is a Board level issue

Business performance issues
  • Presentee-ism
  • Absentee-ism
  • Staff turnover
  • Lower creativity & collaboration
  • Reduced engagement
  • Lower productivity
  • Poor customer service experience
  • High medical claims
  • Potentially >20% net profit impact

Driven and owned by leadership and line management

  • The onus should be on leadership, not individuals or HR alone.
  • Organisations need to address systemic issues, not just treat individuals’ symptoms.
  • The primary focus should be on organisational root causes that management controls.
  • Wellness impact assessments should be integral to all major initiatives.
  • Better informed decision making requires transparent wellness metrics linked to business metrics.
  • Feedback loops are critical to achieve actionable wellness insights.

Wellness metrics impact on business metrics, and business decisions impact on wellness

Business Metrics
  • Absenteeism
  • Staff turnover
  • Medical insurance cost
  • Staff engagement / productivity
Wellness Metrics
  • Stress levels
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

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