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Whole Business Wellness

Thriving people, thriving culture.

We accelerate your wellness journey by enabling leaders to create a thriving workplace culture and build capabilities that transform the wellness and performance of their people and business.

People thrive on good work, good relationships and a supportive and inclusive environment. We believe that deep connection to ourselves and others, being fully present, kind and courageous, enables inclusion and belonging, supports wellbeing and results in high individual and organisational performance.

Our highly engaging and experiential programs and workshops are tailored to your team’s needs and based on the latest research.

Our partners bring a wealth of diverse experience and a shared passion for corporate wellness. We are here to support you.

Brian Henderson

WBW Founder

Brian brings 30 years leadership experience and a passion for people to help organisations build their wellness capabilities

Genevieve Heng

Take Care of the Moments

Gen is passionate about the applications of mindfulness to real life, leadership and relationships. With her medical training and extensive corporate HR expertise, Gen now works with leaders and teams who aspire to live and lead well

Rachel Austen

Austen Advisory Founder

Rachel's AURA resilience assessment tool empowers people and organisations to build resilience, ensuring employees are equipped with the skills, tools and conditions to cope with stress effectively

Trusted by many

Thank you once again for running the resilience session with the EQJ team yesterday. And for donating your time and expertise. The feedback has been so positive, this is really going to help us all personally and professionally.

Maria Elkin

Chief Finance & Operations Officer
Equal Justice

I was amazed and encouraged by the feedback from our people after their joining in the recent process group sessions facilitated by Brian and Sharmeen. They told me that it was very cathartic, reassuring and empowering. It was not something our people could have imagined JLL could have achieved in being so open on mental health and wellbeing.

We are also grateful to hear from our people that the sessions led to them initiating a happy Friday catch up with a group of colleagues and friends who ever worked in the same team years ago. It’s indeed helping even more people as a result.

We truly appreciate the partnership with Brian and Sharmeen to celebrate the fact that the culture we have all contributed to building in our firm enabled us have such great sessions.

Winnie Tsien

Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan

My team and I are grateful for the Smart Collaboration Accelerator training. It allowed us to reflect individually on our strengths, how they manifest in the work environment and how to manage our different tendencies. It also allowed us to work together as a team to better understand each other and how to be more inclusive, as well as to identify how to best use those strengths to communicate more effectively, make smarter decisions and deliver better results. It gave us a framework that we can use not only for opportunities but also for challenges we may face as a team. Overall, I think it has allowed us to be better ready for our future as a team!

Eleni Symeonidou

Director of Pipeline Initiatives
The Women's Foundation

Brian's teaching offers the whole spectrum of yoga instruction fromo relaxation and wellness to helping improve my flexibility. He's a soothing voice who helps to explain the ideas and philosophy behind the practice of yoga.

I've learnt many new things from him, from: eye exercises and different yoga breathing exercises to 20+ poses to open my stiff hips!



Brian has a great variety of exercises for all types of mobility issues or training goals at all levels! HIs expertise and patience really help me to understand my body better in the context of my sport, while also delightfully enlightening me to the meditative calm of yoga!



Psychological safety seems very important to consider as leaders within the organization. We all have a part to play. I most enjoyed exploring this area and what I can do to improve myself as a leader and the company culture.

Senior Leader

Ralph Lauren

The Psychological Safety workshop that Brian designed and delivered for the Habitat Hong Kong team, came at a critical time for our organisation and the positive outcomes were felt immediately. The workshop was a key component in our journey to build an inclusive and non-judgmental culture where everyone feels safe to grow, make mistakes and raise difficult questions. Brian opened our eyes to the inextricable link between workplace psychological safety and having clear expectations on what we are each and collectively accountable for. We had honest and open dialogues about what actions we would all like to take to build a culture we are all proud of. We considered ways to be more supportive of each other, have clearer risk evaluation processes, and how to naturally integrate difficult conversations and risk management into our regular meetings. We are deeply grateful for Brian’s leadership and guidance and would highly recommend Whole Business Wellness' services for any organisation looking to prioritise their people and employee experience in the pursuit of their purpose.

Jo Hayes

Habitat for Humanity

HELP for Domestic Workers was fortunate enough to participate in the AURA resilience programme conducted pro bono by the team at Whole Business Wellness Limited. We are grateful to Brian, Rachel and the team at Whole Business Wellness who provided both individual and group coaching focused on building the resilience of the HELP team ensuring that they could cope with stressful situations while continuing to support the vulnerable domestic worker community of Hong Kong.

Manisha Wiejiesinghe

HELP for Domestic Workers

Liv Magazine

July 20, 2023

Brian Henderson & Genevieve Heng talk to Liv Magazine about the benefits of relational mindfulness.

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The role of Boards in Mental Health

September 16, 2022

How do we get beyond “fixing the people” to “fixing the system”? As Desmond Tutu observed “at some point we have to stop pulling people out of the river and go upstream to find out why they keep falling in”. That takes us to leadership, culture, capabilities and the role of the Board as guardian of all these things. Burnout has to be a business priority, with a clear plan that addresses the root causes, supported by resources and KPIs for the Board and executives to ensure the hard work can and will be done for everyone’s benefit, including business performance.

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Legal Value Network

Law firms & mental health

May 13, 2022

A no holds barred conversation with Stuart Dodds about mental health in law firms and legal departments

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The Serene View

Men's Mental Health

March 17, 2022

Busting the superman myth - a lively conversation with Serene Seng about men's mental health

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Tatler Asia

How Women Can Thrive in Male-Dominated Spaces

August 27, 2021

When Lau started at Nike 25 years ago, she said it felt like a frat house and she was often the only woman and only Asian in the room...

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South China Morning Post

Burnout: why prolonged work stress is a danger

July 16, 2021

“I didn’t take action early enough,” said Brian Henderson, a former C-suite leader in Asia and founder of Whole Business Wellness, speaking on a recent panel on men and mental health...

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Our services address 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our mission to create thriving workplaces aims to support individual, organisational and societal wellness.

We acknowledge that men, women and other genders may approach wellness and experience workplace stress differently. Thriving cultures enable all to succeed regardless of gender.

Our work helps create thriving workplaces that improve individual and business performance and, therefore, promote responsible economic growth.

We help to create cultures of inclusion and belonging so all can feel safe, valued, able to contribute fully and are rewarded fairly.

Mental Health support groups, public relational mindfulness programs and pro bono work for local NGOs.

Actively participating in the wider wellness community and advocacy supporting various global and local organisations.

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