Feeling burned out?

Our Burnout Recovery support groups provide a safe space to share experiences, receive support and learn coping strategies from peers.

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Burnout is very common for the busy, stressed executives and managers we work with.

So we created Burnout Recovery support groups to support and sustain recovery for those who are experiencing burnout. These are confidential, safe spaces led by experienced facilitators with lived experience of burnout and recovery.

Meetings are generally monthly for roughly 1.5 hours. Some groups meet on Zoom, others in person.

The documentation linked opposite outlines the Burnout Recovery and mental health groups' rules and expectations.

We can also connect you to a range of other support groups, including - men's mental health, bipolar, OCD/Anxiety, ADHD, grief, sexual assault survivors, body image disorders, youth mental health.

Download the documentation

Our hosts

Vivian Cheng

Mental Health Recovery Group

Vivian is on a mission to raise awareness and reduce stigma in mental illness. She shares her lived experience in a storytelling initiative #thisisme on LinkedIn and leads Mental Health Support Groups in English and Cantonese

Open for any mental health condition that has been professionally diagnosed and treated; participants are on their way to recovery. We will discuss with you whether this is the right group for you.
Meetings monthly on Wednesday via Zoom 19:45-21:00 HKT
Email info@wholebusinesswellness.com

Justin Kung

Men's Mental Health Group

Justin is a Counsellor and founder of Everyday Empathy, helping people achieve their professional and personal goals. Justin works across the disciplines of coaching, counselling and training to focus on our clients’ holistic selves and the full spectrum of their experiences. He facilitates support groups on a pro bono basis and can provide 1-1 counselling on request.

Men only, any mental health condition.
Meet monthly via Zoom or in person, 19:30-21:00 HKT
Email info@wholebusinesswellness.com

What support group members say

An opportunity to talk to those who have been through and are willing to listen and share. I feel I am not alone.

Talk about the emotion that we are experiencing and gained emotional support from the group.

It has been fantastic to get more insight into other mental health and the issues that we face and battle.

I found sharing of our stories to be incredibly powerful at building connection & emotional support.

I’m super grateful that you have organized this, it’s an amazing comfort just to know you’re not alone and other people are also struggling.

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