Yoga for busy executives and managers

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How WBW yoga is different?

1. Accessible for all abilities/disabilities
2. No yoga experience required
3. A safe space to enjoy & relax
4. Targets office worker stress areas
5. A ‘work-in’ not a workout-mindfulness
6. Creating inner peace & connection

Typical Class Structure

‘Om’ to bring attention inwards
Eye movement to relax eye strain
Postures to release the neck & shoulders and strengthen the back
Deep relaxation to release stress
Breath work to regulate the nervous system and calm the mind
Meditation to connect mind, body & soul

Our teachers

Brian Henderson

WBW Founder

With 30 years corporate leadership experience, Brian enjoys tailoring yoga classes to busy corporate executives to help them connect with their bodies and be more relaxed and mindful. He also teaches relational mindfulness and created our mental health support groups, The Women's Foundation Male Allies and MoveMEN!

Mary Henderson

Yoga Teacher

Mary has a wealth of experience as a teacher, first of mathematics and now yoga. Yoga has helped her recover her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and she has a passion to share it with others, especially those who may find regular yoga classes inaccessible

Pricing (HKD)

Private yoga class in your office (HK Island)
Group yoga class in your office (HK Island)
Yoga mat rental/class
Yoga block rental/class

What our Yoga students say

I am an endurance runner and therefore have very limited flexibility, yoga for me has always been in the too hard basket. However with Mary and her excitement explaining, demonstrating and adaptations I found I could follow the yoga class, enjoy it and get benefit. Thank you Mary for your professional approach and guidance.

Mary has a passion for yoga and is able to adapt her teaching to help each individual. Her soothing voice brings a nice rhythm to her classes. I appreciated going back to basics with the breathing and eye movement practice. I feel calm and relaxed after every session with Mary.

I've thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from yoga therapy with Mary. She worked with me during a time when I had resigned from my job, and decided to move internationally. Amidst everything, I was experiencing health problems. Mary was gentle as she led me through a practice designed for me. Highly recommend!

I have got 90 minutes of very balanced class with Hatha, breathing and mindfulness practice, allowing me to relax and clear my mind. Highly enjoyable, thanks Brian!

Brian's teaching offers the whole spectrum of yoga instruction from relaxation and wellness to helping improve my flexibility. He's a soothing voice who helps to explain the ideas and philosophy behind the practice of yoga. I've learned many new things from him, from eye exercises and different yoga breathing exercises to 20+ poses to open my stiff hips!

Brian has a great variety of exercises for all types of mobility issues or training goals at all levels! His expertise and patience really help me to understand my body better in the context of my sport, while also delightfully enlightening me to the meditative calm of yoga!

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